Child Heroes- Parenting Their Own Blind Parents!

Parents are morally responsible for their Child's livelihood and there is nothing bad if adult children have a responsibility towards aged parents. However what would be the scenario when small children are compelled to take responsibility of their parents? It is very rare and touching to see younger ones taking responsibility of elderly parents.

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Paul and Amanda Craig are blind and disabled. They live in a townhouse in Bicester, Oxon with their six children. They are independent and only accept help from social services for a few hours to clean the house. As a result, the two oldest girls, Jenny and Lousie, take care of their four younger siblings day after day. Jenny is nine years old, Louise is twelve years old. The younger brothers Daniel, Matthew, Richard and Nigel are of six, three, two and eight months respectively.

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Louise answers: "My mother and father sat on me when I was about three years old and they told me that both of them were blind". It was at that tender age she realized that her parents are blind. Paul and Amanda hope that their young daughters will exert their influence within the family and assume the responsibility of being parents. While the documentary was filmed, questions arose about the nature of parents' choice for families. What kind of parenting do children deserve?

|Published on July 26, 2019

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