Clive Wearing: A Person Who has 7 Seconds Short-Term Memory only!

Clive Wearing is a British musicologist who was born in May 1938. Wearing sang at Westminster Cathedral as a tenor lay clerk for many years. Clive Wearing has one of the very serious cases of amnesia in the world. Now he lives in London and is of 79 years old. He was a very good musician and was at the peak of his profession when virus attack damaged his brain in 1985.

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After taking treatment he returned home and started his work again but in few days his headache started, he couldn't sleep and his temperature raised to very high. Now he was no more a normal human being as was very confused and couldn’t remember, his wife, Deborah’s.

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The virus had destroyed the hippocampus, an organ location within the brain and is of crucial for memory and learning, leaving him with dense amnesia. His ability to play music has not been affected, but he is unaware of it. This is because his procedural memory was not damaged by the virus. As soon as the music stops, however, Wearing forgets that he has just played. Now he is the only one person in the world who has short term memory of 7 seconds.

|Published on July 26, 2019

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