World's Shortest Peoples Who Never Grew Up

The growth rate is an important indicator of general health. The height of a human being that is below normal is known as short stature. Short stature may be a variant of normal growth or disease. Short Stature or dwarfism may be because of hormone deficiency (GHD), Hypothyroidism or can be indirect consequences of the generally unhealthy or malnourished condition of the individual.

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The most common causes of short stature beyond the first or second year of life are low family height (genetic). All causes of short stature fall into one of three main categories: chronic illness (eg, malnutrition), low family stature, or constitutional delay in growth and development.

Technically it refers to the height of a human being that is below the typical. Other different cause of short stature is a poor diet or inability to absorb nutrients, due to illness or lack of nutrients, hypothyroidism, which leads to lack of growth hormone, a tumor in the pituitary gland, diseases of the lungs, heart, kidneys, liver or tract gastrointestinal etc.

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Sometimes, a head injury during childhood can reduce the growth of the person. These are some peoples whose stature is below their average age: Michael Henbury, Stacey Herald - 28 inches, Hatice Kocaman - 28 inches, Bridgette Jordan - 27 inches, Khagendra Thapa Magar - 26 inches and Jyoti Amge - 24.7 inches.

|Published on July 26, 2019

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