Your Bottled Water is Contaminated with Microplastic!

A major study conducted across nine countries found that bottled water from 92% of the world's leading brands was contaminated with microplastic particles.

How To Apply For RTI (Right to Information Act)- Complete Guide

Apply RTI online, offline. Know about CIC, SIC, PIO, SPIO, CPIO, Benefits of RTI, Complete Guide on RTI, Know fees- RTI, where to apply, RTI Rules and Websites

Are You Being Sexually Harassed At Work? Take Those Solid Steps!

People file complaints when they face sexual harassment as it might be really hard for them to cope with their daily activities at work.

Reduce Use of Pesticides without Compromising Crop Yield

Routine pesticide applications are wasteful and can damage the environment, use method to Reduce Use of  Pesticides without Compromising Crop Yield.

Natural & Homemade Insecticides to Save your Farm from Pests

Organic pesticides then those are: very safe to use, least pollutant to soil and water, save energy, support economy, help in creating food which is healthy to consume

Technological Self-Reliance: Indian dependency on Pesticides

Ideally, pesticides should have been lethal for the targeted pests and not for man. But eventually the ill-effects of the use of pesticides surfaced.

Essential Tips to Keep Dairy Cows Healthy & Happy

Cattle rearing involve a lot of patience and consideration, Cows especially are delicate animals, which require a lot of care and attention to keep them healthy and fit.

Procedure of Soil Testing & Sampling for Laboratory Analysis

Annual Soil Testing and Soil Sampling for Laboratory Analysis are very important aspects of soil management, especially for the small scale farmers.

Importance of Consumer Awareness: Protect your Consumer Rights

With this series of three articles, here an endeavor is made to foster the consumers to file their complaints and make them not only stand up for their rights

Be Sure, Too Much Over-Confidence is Bad For Career

 "Well! I believe that you will achieve your goals without predicting this, and just keep the goal in your mind and believe that you can make it sure