A Psychedelic Retreat In Netherlands

The Psychedelics can simply be a cure for opening your minds and getting your head out. It can be the best experience for you, and you must do it in the right dosage.

Alex Lewis: Victim of Flesh-Eating Bug Recalls Heartbreaking Moments

Alex's experience tells us how things can take a strange turn, Life is an unpredictable cycle, and one never knows what there is in the next moment.

Harold Frederick Shipman: The Doctor Who Killed His 250 Patients

Harold Frederick Shipman was one of the most noted serial killers in history. He was a silent killer, his victims were mainly elderly women who lived alone

Cameron Mott: Living With A Half Brain

Cameron Mott was only three years old when she contracted a rare brain disorder known as Rasmussen Encephalitis. The disease is seating away a part of her brain