What is GST? All About Goods and Services Tax, Rate Lists, Its Impact On Individuals, Business As Well As The Economy

Goods and Services Tax , first conceptualised 16 years ago, however getting into reality from July 1, 2017. The Narendra Modi govt will inaugurate in midnight

Impact of GST on Indian Bloggers, Affiliates and Online Service Providers

GST covers Indian Bloggers, Affiliates, online Service in India or exporting online services outside of India, however funds in foreign currency are exempted.

GST- The best Tool to reduce Corruption, Increase Government Efficiency through Technology

GST is the strongest measure against corruption and money laundering; this will broaden the taxation base of the nation, and increase the collection of taxes.

GST Will Impact Everyone - Whether it's Taxpayer or Non Taxpayer

GST compliance matters to all, for businesses, individuals, from the big organizations to the small businesses and consumers, eCommerce to online businesses.

GST's Staggering Technology leads to Reduced Paperwork and Better Efficiency

The technological framework will lead to a smooth application of GST. All the corporations, businesses have to conduct the process rightly by applying technology

GST's Red-carpet Entry: Understanding Profit and Loss of Implementation

All are not winners in GST roll out many are losers also. With GST govt is planning to curb corruption and pass on the benefit to consumers.

How GST will Impact Government Decision Making, Functioning, Work Culture and Environment?

GST Launched on June 30 With Special Midnight Session In Parliament with historical lecture of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, in presence of President.