Real Story

Dr. Rafael Mechoulam- The Grandfather of Drug Marijuana!

Dr. Rafael Mechoulam is the world's leading cannabis researcher. The professor believed that he is the grandfather of medical research of marijuana, his life charm with a cannabis plant.

Modern vs Traditional Teaching Methods, Future of Education!

Students will be learning outside, armed with different devices. What is the value of university education? 

Ask The Experts: Incredible Benefits of Milk

Milk is a white liquid produced by the mammary glands of mammals. It contains valuable nutrients, and it can offer a range of health benefits.

A Psychedelic Retreat In Netherlands

The Psychedelics can simply be a cure for opening your minds and getting your head out. It can be the best experience for you, and you must do it in the right dosage.

Alex Lewis: Victim of Flesh-Eating Bug Recalls Heartbreaking Moments

Alex's experience tells us how things can take a strange turn, Life is an unpredictable cycle, and one never knows what there is in the next moment.

Harold Frederick Shipman: The Doctor Who Killed His 250 Patients

Harold Frederick Shipman was one of the most noted serial killers in history. He was a silent killer, his victims were mainly elderly women who lived alone

Cameron Mott: Living With A Half Brain

Cameron Mott was only three years old when she contracted a rare brain disorder known as Rasmussen Encephalitis. The disease is seating away a part of her brain

Exceptionally Different Life of Norman Llewellyn : Person with Down Syndrome

Norman Llewellyn was born in 1949 in Todd’s Island near Halifax in Nova Scotia, Canada. His nick name is Norm and suffers with Down’s syndrome. 

Mighty Ships in Naval Battlefront: Great Killing Machines!

Ships have great role in all wars in history, many battles have been fought and won because of ships, many innocent lives have also been taken out by mighty war ships.

Michelle Kish- A Girl Suffering with Rare Genetic Disorder!

Michelle Kish is a 2o-year-old girl who was born with a rare genetic disorder generally known as Hallerman-Streiff Syndrome.

Uncovering Women Abuse, Behind Closed Doors (Domestic Violence)

Domestic and family violence is violent, abusive or intimidating behavior in a relationship. This relationship can be a partner, carer or family member. 

Stephen Wiltshire- Most Prolific and Talented Young Artist

Steven Wiltshire was born in London, England. Wiltshire can consider the topic once and then draw an accurate and detailed picture. He often draws entire cities from his memory

Daniel Tammet- A Man With Incredible Brain!

Daniel Tammet was born on 31st January 1979 in England. He is an English Essayist, Novelist, and also the most intelligent athlete in the world. 

Man-Eating Leopards- Terrifying Dark Night

The leopard is one of the five species in the genus Panthera. The villagers are seen carrying weapons to protect themselves from the leopards.

Why the Muslim World Turned Away from Science?

Islam is the second biggest religion in the world and the fastest-growing major religion in the world. But its current representation in the scientific community is insignificant.

Stuart Wikinson - A 19 Year Young Boy Who Will Never Grow Old

Stuart Wikinson suffers from Duchenne muscular dystrophy (DMD), a rare, degenerative muscular disease that affects only the boys.

Helen- A Woman with 7 Switch Personalities!

Those people who struggle with personality disorder experience face great difficulties with other people.  Helen suffered from Dissociative Identity Disorder. She switches seven personalities.

How Depression Affects The Human Life?

Depression is a common but serious mood disorder that can affect the thoughts, behavior, feelings, and self-worth of a person. 

Leslie Ash -An Eye Opening Documentary on Plastic Surgery Nightmare

English histrion Leslie Ash noted for prima within the BBC broadcast Men Behaving Badly presents a documentary concerning cosmetic surgery, exploring its advantages, issues, and pitfalls in a mostly unregulated trade.

Five Elderly Women In Britain Who Gave Birth to Baby!

The science of fertility is moving forward and It's no wonder. The age of the oldest women who give birth in the UK continues to grow.