Tia McCarthy - Miracle of Girl Who Never Ate Food for 10 years

Tia McCarthy was born with a condition called Oesophageal Atresia. She refused to eat anything for the first ten years. With this disease, the patient cannot eat due to a huge gap between her oesophagus throat and stomach. She was not able to sense her hunger or thirst. Tia spent most of her first year after birth in the hospital. Surgery corrected her medical problems and there was no physical reasons why she couldn't eat or drink.

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She was fed through a tube into her stomach. Her mother Sue did't know what was going on with her baby. She always cried as to why her baby doesn't eat anything, though her baby used to look like or behave like other normal children. Tia-Mae McCarthy Takes all her vital nutrients through a tube that placed inside her stomach. At the age of ten, Tia's mother started giving her some tentative spoonfuls of yogurt like ice cream, tomato soup, custard, and semolina etc. Her mother said "it's lovely to see her eating. We can go out for dinner now".

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Real miracle for her mom was when she ate first time after ten years. The girl at once who won't even drink now and was fed with tube only now remarkably eats almost everything.

|Published on July 26, 2019

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